Monday, March 10, 2014

Food tracking and Meal planning

I am really working hard to be on track and lose weight and one of the best ways I do that is to write down every thing I eat. It isn't always fun. Sometimes it makes me question what I eat, but I guess that is the point!

Today I am tracking food and I planned all my food for the day. Considering on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I work from 7a-930p it is very important for me to plan ahead.

Food today:
Shake for breakfast and dinner
Lunch vegan chicken breast and salad
Snacks pretzel chips, silk yogurt, and vegetarian sausage patties

My drink for the day is water infused with mint and limes. I made this last night and let it soak so this morning I woke up to something really refreshing.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Snack time y’all

So if you are like me you like a good snack. I love savory things mostly but let’s be real, some days anything will do. So in order to make a few of my favorite things vegan I had to do some work but it was totally worth it.

1.       Cheesy popcorn. You can easily get vegan friendly butter. I use earth balance butter (specifically the soy free one). The butter is really good. It melts well, you can use it to bake, on toast, melt it onto popcorn, and use it any kind of cooking. The other part of the popcorn is nutritional yeast. Yes. It looks weird. The tasty is very cheesy though and I use it to top pasta, to make mac and cheese, and use to season popcorn. So go look for nutritional yeast y’all. Super good. (Nutritional yeast: It is a source of protein and vitamins, especially the B-complex vitamins, and is a complete protein. It is also naturally low in fat and sodium and is free of sugar, dairy, and gluten. Sometimes nutritional yeast is fortified with Vitamin B12.)
2.       Tortilla roll ups. I use whole grain tortillas, tofruti cream cheese (a cream cheese that is made from tofu and taste like cream cheese y’all), then I add slices of tofurky lunch meat, some spinach and roll it up. Now you can eat it like that or if you want to use to for an appetizer at a party you can roll them up, wrap it in plastic wrap, let it sit overnight, then right before you are ready to serve slice it into pinwheels. Super tasty and easy.

3.       Ranch dip and chips or veggies. So to make ranch dip I use ranch mix (easy to make your own) and tofruti sour cream. Easy y’all.

4.       Hummus and pita, hummus and veggies, hummus and pretzel chips. Hummus is such an easy go to. I love it piled with red peppers or garlic and olive oil.

5.       Trail mix with vegan friendly dark chocolate and dried fruits and nuts. Easy to make your own and you can buy it in the bulk section of a lot of stores. Also, you can make it your own and add what you love and leave out what you don’t. Better than picking through things and paying for a big bag of trail mix and not eating it all.

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks? What are some not so healthy snacks that you made your own and made better? I want to hear y’all. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

what i eat y'all

hey you guys if you have instagram check me out there @laurenlovesjared and you can see what i eat and what i wear and what my dogs are doing.

since not everyone has seen that yet i wanted to post a few ideas here for you.
lunch this week has been really good but my favorite is chinese orange 'chik'n' with veggies and jasmine rice, fruit salad, and peanut butter cups. i made the chinese food by first cooking up my rice in the rice cooker with vegan (earth balance non soy) butter and a veg bouillon. next i steamed up some broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. then i baked some really good vegan chick'n and tossed that in the orange sauce. you can buy the chick'n ready to go with sauce in a lot of grocery stores. check out the natural section and then go through there frozen vegan/meat free products. i also had fruit salad (we buy pineapple, picked blue berries and bought grapes to make this mix. lastly i made protein packed peanut butter cups. i found the idea on pinterest so go check out my boards. i just made sure to buy and use vegan products to make it and when it called to add graham crackers to the peanut butter i added pea/brownrice/quinoa mix protein powder. personally i can tell you that you do not taste that. 

enjoy y'all

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Thursday, June 13, 2013


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healthy snack drawer ideas

even vegan's can enjoy chicken salad. i use meat free chicken and tofruti sour cream in this recipie along with some yummy vegan cheese. make it your own. that is what it is all about. 

this site made meal planning a snap. it is vegetarian and a good place to start your meat free journey. check it out. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

junk food junkie

did you know oreo's are vegan? did you know that most potato chips are vegan? what about some soda, some french fries, some cakes? 

listen when it comes to junk food i know my stuff. that is where i live and breath. or where i used too. slowly i am letting go of tatter tots. in all honesty let me tell you in the last three weeks i had them one time. i used to eat them almost daily. also, after i ate them i felt like shit. will it stop me forever? doubt it. but it was a wake up call. 

i think that with responsibility comes a certain amount of awareness to a situation. i chose to go vegan for health reasons (though the animal rights part makes a lot of sense to me now). but with the choice to eat vegan i have to be aware that i can still make terrible choices. i could be a french fry and coke vegan and still be overweight and unhappy. 

make a change. own it. be aware of it. if you fail to meet your goal for a meal or a day you can start next time. failing once isn't failure forever. i think our society puts people into two categories. fat or skinny. if you aren't skinny you are fat and if you aren't fat you are skinny. but neither of those labels have anything to do with health. so just try. take a step forward. look for help where you can. also eat an oreo every now and then. listen if i restricted myself all the time i don't know what i would do. i think that with some moderation i make better choices. when i say no to everything eventually i want junk food and i want it bad. so i binge. which makes me feel worse. which starts the cycle all over again. 

so just try. that is all any of us can do. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the food pro

so i went to a dietitian.
so that was weird.
i don't know. i think i went in with the assumption (yes i know right there is a problem...assuming) but i thought she would be this very food knowledgeable person who would understand being vegan/vegetarian. she recommended great snacks (which i had to make vegan which is totally fine). she helped me to refocus my energy about food from three meals a day to 5-6 small meals. eating every 2-3 hours. now, let me be honest. i could eat 6 times a day and eat a lot. that is the way i have always been. there is no off switch in my brain that says 'hey you are full girl slow your roll'. so that part i was super pumped about. then she told me the calories to shoot for and calculated how many i am most likely eating to maintain my current weight. people. i almost fell over. listen a few days ago i also calculated my BMI and thought i was going to have a stroke. i did walk away with a lot of good information and she did tell me she would do more research for me to help me on my journey. so i am hopeful that is going to happen. 
now the big challenge is buying the foods and eating only them and not making easy snap choices out of being lazy. i saw something on pinterest that said if you buy healthy food you will eat healthy food. lets be real i can drive down the road to buy fries and a coke. you have to do more than buy the food. you have to have a plan. goals. challenge yourself. build up your support system. 
i hope to have more from the diet/food pro soon.